Adhering to Health and Safety Practices in The Book Production Business

Health and safety at the workplace must be an issue of concern to all. Health and safety is concerned with promoting the welfare and wellbeing of people at a place as well as preventing illness and injuries. Every work has its own occupational hazards. Occupational hazards are risks of illnesses or accidents experienced by workers in their places of work. Sometimes, some employers and employees may overlook health and safety issues.

Family Reading: A Way to Implant Reading Habit in Ghanaian Children

The subject of creating a reading culture among children, especially among Ghanaian children, has been one of commanding interest. Over the years, there has been mass upsurge by different bodies interested in promoting reading to find the best way to encourage as many children as possible to cultivate a life-long reading habit. The general interest is to ensure that children are offered reading pleasure.

Family Reading: An Avenue to Reflect on the Past and Present to Shape the Future

Some of the major reasons which inform our reading of all kinds of reading books are for obtaining information and for recreation. It must also be stated that the reasons which inform people’s choice of books to read depend on a person’s age, sex and interest. Reading gives society access to past and present information, including the experiences of people, communities, nations and the whole world.