Encouraging Children to Read is the Task of the Whole Society - Tirso A.S. Dos Santos

According Tirso A.S. Dos Santos, UNESCO Representative, Ghana, the task of encouraging children to read should be a responsibility of the whole society.He gave this advice in a documentary produced by the Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC).

The documentary forms part of GBDC’s campaign, dubbed“Learn to read; read to learn” which has been initiated to create and increase awareness of the numerous benefits of reading, particularly to children. The documentary comprises prominent personalities and role models who still make time to read in spite of their busy schedule.

Ghana Book Development Council

The Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC) was established on 20 August, 1975, as an operating agency under the Ministry of Education. The official notice about the setting up of the Council by Executive Instrument was published in Gazette No. 65 of 5th December, 1975.  The Council was inaugurated on 2 April 1976 and began full operation in January, 1977.