Reading Books Saved my Life - Korkor Amartefio

The Executive Director of Accra Symphony Orchestra, Korkor Amartefio, has revealed how her growing interest in reading opened diverse opportunities for her. She said, “I have to say that reading books saved my life, in a way that it opened a lot of opportunities for me. It showed me that I can do so much if I want to.”

According to KorkorAmartefio, those who cultivate the habit of reading stand the chance of learning from the books they read. “I have learnt a lot from the characters about whom I read,” she said.

She also touched on the role of parents in ensuring that their children develop interest in reading. “Because My parents believed in reading, they always encouraged me to go to the library to read,” she said.

KorkorAmartefio also had this advice for children, “I want to encourage other children and show them what my parents showed me: that reading is a must. Right now there are many other things: TV and Facebook, which depict pictures; but believe me, reading and books will never die; they will always be there.”

Korkor Amartefio made these statements in ah documentary made by the Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC). The documentary forms part of GBDC’s campaign, dubbed“Learn to read; read to learn” which has been initiated to create and increase awareness of the numerous benefits of reading, particularly to children. The documentary comprises prominent personalities and role models who still make time to read in spite of their busy schedule.

These prominent personalities and role models, who are people the children readily identify with, have been recorded reading aloud children’s books, particularly books written by Ghanaian authors.KorkorAmartefio read from Franka Maria Andoh’s short storiesI have Time. The name of the short story she read is 20 Steps.