Role Models read with Children

Obour, President of MUSIGA

As part of The Ghana Book Development Council’s (GBDC) campaign, dubbed, “Learn to read; read to learn”, initiated to create and increase awareness of the numerous benefits of reading, particularly to children, a documentaryhas been put together to inspire children to read. The documentary comprises prominent personalities and role models who still make time to read in spite of their busy schedule.

These prominent personalities and role models, who are people the children readily identify with, have been recorded reading aloud children’s books, particularly books written by Ghanaian authors. The documentary is for reading promotion purposes, and the objective is to get children to develop a love for reading not only their core study materials but also storybooks to further expand their knowledge and vocabulary.

It is also to instil in them the knowledge that reading is not only for children but adults as well. It is the belief of GBDC that, as children develop the habit of reading during childhood, they will continue to read when they become adults.  Some of the role models who featured in the documentary include Ramah Brew, a famous writer and actress; the President of MUSIGA, Singer, Songwriter and Performer,Bice OseiKuffour (Obour); Tirso A.S. Dos Santos, UNESCO Representative, Ghana;and a former deputy minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative arts,  Hon.AblaDzifaGomashie.

The aim of the “Learn to read; read to learn” campaign is to encourage children to learn to read and after they have learnt to read, to continue to read for life. This will ultimately help to promote quality education, increase quality of life and general wellbeing, eradicate ignorance, poverty and disease and help in realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).